Casa al bivio
Casa al bivio Casa al Bivio Casa al Bivio Casa al Bivio Casa al Bivio Casa al Bivio

Conditions for the reservation

For organizational purposes and to assure the room for the guests we ask for each request to be made in written followed by a down payment of 50% of the sum to be payed. The bank charges must be covered by the client.

→ the reservation is a binding on both sides and will be confirmed apon receipt of the down payment.

Down payment:
Payment on the bank account of:

Carmen and Giuseppe Acconcia

IBAN CH21 8093 9000 0011 2846 4   (for bank transfer in CHF)
IBAN CH29 8093 9000 0014 8285 5   (for bank transfer in EUR

4143 Dornach

Cancelation of the reservation:
The reservation is binding.

In case the room can not be rent to another guest the down payment will not be returned.
The guest can aslo send a substitute for his reservation without any additional costs.
In case of late arrival or early departure of the room it is not possible to have a reimbursement.

Reservation form

The reservation form can be sent per mail or e-mail.

Download the reservation form:
prenotazione2019.pdf (versione italiana, 69 kB)
zimmerreservierung2019.pdf (Deutsche Version, 258 kB)
roomreservation2019.pdf (english version, 74 kB)