Casa al bivio
Casa al bivio Casa al Bivio Casa al Bivio Casa al Bivio Casa al Bivio Casa al Bivio


Welcome to "Casa al Bivio" of the Acconcia family.

Bed and Breakfast

The House "Casa al Bivio" is found in the small town Dornach/Switzerland, situated in the outside area of Basel; well known throughout the world for the Goetheanums and its culture activities. Our house is located 5 min. from the Goetheanum.


– two rooms for 2 people
– one room for up to 3 people

The beds can be separated or pushed together.


– guest bathroom (1 per floor): shower and toilet are used in common
– the towels, hair dryer as well as the bed linen are provided by the house
– in the garden, we offer a sitting place, where it is possible to smoke
– under request we can offer one parking space for guests; the reservation will be assigned to the first request


In the roomprice is included a simple room-breakfast with jam, french toast, tea and coffee.
In the corridor there are a water boiler, a coffee-machine and a small fridge.

Price additions


We offer discounts under certain conditions, please feel free to contact us.

Download the flyer

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The hosts,
Carmen und Giuseppe Acconcia